Image: Unsplash

1. Facebook, Instagram are hot spots for fake Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Chanel: Online commerce is a key priority for Meta, which has pushed new shopping features that could help grow its revenue as it faces pressures like ads tracking changes and sputtering user growth, and has signaled a hard stance against counterfeiters. – Read More on Reuters

2. How an Old U.S. Antitrust Law Could Foster a Fairer Retail Sector: The Robinson-Patman Act helped level the playing field, allowing consumers to gain the benefits of operational efficiencies and economies of scale while preventing chain stores from using power and exploitation of suppliers alone to win market share. – Read More on HBR

3. Consumer demand for Black brands is rising: Nearly half (45%) of consumers in the U.S. agree that companies should pledge to support Black-owned brands, suppliers, and vendors. Sixty-eight percent say their social values shape their shopping choices. – Read More on WE Forum

4. What China’s Covid-Zero Policy Means for World Supply Chains and Inflation: If consumers and businesses want to continue to buy goods made in China without having to endure shortages and further price hikes, they should want China to stick with its “Covid-zero” policy, as President Xi Jinping does. – Read More on Bloomberg

5. In the battle for luxury goods, secondhand sellers see success: The secondhand market was 20 trillion won in 2020 according to Statistica, with luxury transactions making up for some 40% of the total. The market is expected to rise 25% on year to 25 trillion won in 2021, and big-name companies are also entering the growing market. – Read More on Korea JoongAng Daily