Image: Canada Goose

1. Justin Bieber’s NFT ape sure looks like monkey business: “The relevant questions include whether the celebrity is actually endorsing a product or service on behalf of a marketer, whether any connection is expected by the endorser’s followers, and would knowing about the connection affect what the followers think about the endorsement.” – Read More on the Verge

2. Why OpenSea’s NFT Marketplace Can’t Win: Its phenomenal growth has brought it more revenue, partnerships, and funding, but at the same time, security issues and endless copycat listings are rife. – Read More on Wired

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4. How Neiman Marcus CEO is riding the luxury pandemic boom to rebuild post-bankruptcy: The upscale department store is focusing more intently on splashy, premium products both in stores and online. This pivot comes at a time when some of its rivals are casting a wider net for customers in pursuit of growth. – Read More on Fortune

5. Canada Goose’s Omicron-induced forecast cut sends shares tumbling: U.S. and Canada shares of the company plunged to their lowest in more than a year, clearly reflecting the market’s concerns of intensifying weakness in China and a downbeat fourth-quarter guidance. – Read More on Reuters