Image: Urban Outfitters

1. Urban Outfitters HQ Employees Say They’re Forced to Work In-Person During COVID: The four Urban Outfitters employees we spoke with say there’s literally not one job at the headquarters that would be impossible to do remotely. Yet, “somewhere between 50 and 150” employees might be forced to come to the office on any given day, even with staggered schedules in place. – Read More on Philly Mag

2. Climate action in fashion, as big clothing brands back Bangladesh recycling scheme: Major fashion brands, including H&M, M&S and C&A, are getting behind an initiative in Bangladesh that aims to use more recycled materials in clothing production and significantly cut planet-heating emissions from manufacturing by 2030. – Read More on Reuters

3. RETRO READ: Fashion’s “Sustainability” Endeavors Need to Be About More than Fabrics, Recycling. Large global corporate retailers are not seeking to change their fundamental business model or create cultures of sustainability. That would require re-working their entire business structure, because as of right now, fast fashion is a “grow or die” business, and if this segment’s giants were to nudge consumers towards more responsible consumption behaviors, that would ultimately hurt their bottom line, which is why they don’t. – Read More on TFL

4. Amazon Spends Billions on R&D. Just Don’t Call It That: In 2017, with Amazon’s technology and content spending higher than what any other company on earth reported spending on R&D, the SEC decided the time had come to ask the company to “please disclose a break out of research and development expense by project, activity or in whatever fashion you believe will provide more transparency as to the magnitude and direction of your research and development activities.” – Read More on Bloomberg

5. L’Oreal sales rebound helped by China and booming online business: L’Oreal said demand for skincare products was particularly strong and it benefited from an easing of lockdowns in the second half of 2020, with the reopening of hair salons. – Read More on Reuters

6. Another Remote-Work Year Looms as Office-Reopening Plans Are Delayed: Tiffany & Co. employees may be going back to work (a couple days a week) in March, but many executives say it has become tougher to predict when white-collar employees should go back to offices than it was last year. – Read More on the WSJ