1. Luxury brands diverge: Tapestry stock rises while Capri slides: “What you’re seeing with the Tapestry numbers is an indication of a portfolio of brands that has really focused on modernizing the way in which they behave and connecting with consumers who may be under some degree of pressure but are still looking to buy handbags, apparel, outerwear and footwear.” – Read More on CNBC

2. China’s luxury market tumbles after five-year hot streak: “In Macao, where Chinese can now travel to, the change is quite spectacular. Stores are full. It’s really come back [at a] very strong pace.” – Read More on Nikkei

3. Louis Vuitton’s Formula for World Domination: So far, Vuitton has upset the conventional wisdom of the luxury industry, where skittishness around bigger scale is widespread—a sharp contrast to sectors such as aviation, technology and banking. – Read More on the WSJ

4. A Lawsuit Against Big Oil Gets Personal: An activist group is going after Shell’s board members in court. The suit could make life unpleasant for the people who oversee big polluters. – Read More on the New York Times

5. Chinese e-commerce giant to launch ChatGPT-style product: The popularity of ChatGPT has prompted tech giants across the world to announce their own rivals. Google announced its AI chatbot tech called Bard, as part of a “code red” plan to respond to the challenge posed by ChatGPT. – Read More on CNBC

6. The Google antitrust lawsuit has promise: The lawsuit focuses on what we don’t go looking for and see anyway: advertisements. The argument is relatively straightforward: Google dominates this market by playing a key role in the technology at every point along the “ad stack.”  – Read More on the Washington Post