Image: Marine Serre

1. Figuring Out Fashion Week’s Carbon Problem: According to a new report, the New York shows are the biggest carbon culprit when it comes to buyers for boutiques and department stores who fly around the world to select items from catwalk shows and showrooms, as well as the designers and brands who move their collections from studios to display shelves to sell the shops their wares. – Read More on the New York Times

2. Victoria’s Secret Added New Safety Measures. Models Say It’s Not Enough: In the spring of last year, Victoria’s Secret imposed official rules to protect its lingerie models for the first time in its four-decade history. Management could no longer afford to turn a blind eye to the perils its models faced on the job — being alone with photographers or executives who wielded power over their careers, feeling pressure to bare more of their bodies or participate in private photo shoots. – Read More on Bloomberg

3. How young designers create powerful brand identities: It’s not just major legacy companies that have managed to create powerful brand identities. Upcoming fashion designers like Marine Serre, Telfar and Matthew Williams’s Alyx — all of whom found success in the age of Instagram iconography — have managed to establish logos that are clearly associated with their brands. – Read More on Vogue Biz

4. RETRO READ: Marine Serre Has a (Legal) Trick Up Her Sleeve: A Tiny Crescent Moon. When consumers see a sneaker with a swoosh on it, they know that shoe was made by Nike because the Portland-based sportswear giant has consistently used that graphic in a way that is synonymous with its brand – aka it has consistently used it in a trademark capacity. Marine Serre is aiming to achieve the same thing. – Read More on TFL

5. Schick Owner Abandons Takeover of Harry’s Following FTC Suit to Block It: Edgewell will continue to pursue its own direct-to-consumer efforts but it will take longer to build than it would by buying Harry’s. He also said Edgewell will continue to look for smaller brands it can acquire. – Read More on WSJ