1. Nordstrom’s Salvation Is in the Luxury Section: The family-run retailer has a chance to stave off an activist investor and burnish its brand by sticking to its roots — outfitting the aspiring rich — and targeting young shoppers. – Read More on Bloomberg

2. Delta workers’ lawsuit over Lands’ End uniforms narrowed to property damage claims: Employees of Delta sued Lands’ End, alleging that their Zac Posen-designed uniforms caused a host of health problems. – Read More on Biz Journals

3. RELATED READ: How Zac Posen-Designed, Land’s End-Made Uniforms Landed Delta in a Web of Ugly Lawsuits. The plaintiffs lodged claims of negligence, failure to label the uniforms, and violations of the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, among others, against Land’s End. – Read More on TFL

4. As ChatGPT’s popularity explodes, U.S. lawmakers take an interest: ChatGPT, a fast-growing artificial intelligence program, has drawn praise for its ability to write answers quickly to a wide range of queries, and attracted U.S. lawmakers’ attention with questions about its impact on national security and education. – Read More on Reuters

5. Rescuing ESG from the Culture Wars: The key will be returning ESG to its narrow and technocratic intention — as a means for helping companies identify and communicate to investors the material long-term risks the company faces from environmental, sustainability and governance issues. – Read More on HBR

6. Few retail execs have what it takes to be CEO anymore—and it’s a troubling sign of a failing industry: Retail CEOs likely agree that the job is now tougher. In AlixPartners Disruption Index released in January, 86% of surveyed retail CEOs thought it was challenging to know which disruption to address first, whether inflation, tech advances, or other issues. – Read More on Fortune