Image: D&G

1. We Need Universal ESG Accounting Standards: ESG accounting is a mess. Competing initiatives mean there’s no uniform set of standards for measuring a company’s progress on sustainability. – Read More on HBR

2. RELATED READ: As New York Lawmakers Unveil the Fashion Act, is Larger Reform on The Way? One of the most pressing roadblocks to implementing regulation in the fashion and apparel space (and every other industry when it comes to monitoring environmental and social factors) is the current lack of uniform ESG data standards. – Read More on TFL

3. Why Couldn’t Anybody Cancel Dolce & Gabbana? D&G’s survival despite social-media opprobrium is something of a case study in corporate crisis management. It shows how D&G has been able to leverage its semi-outlaw status to invite people who otherwise might not be considered by the fashion insiders as worthy of attention into its influencer fold. – Read More on the Cut

4. As e-commerce gets cool, brands need smart shoppable strategies: The e-commerce market is due to keep ballooning (by another $10.87tn in the next few years) and consumers are more open to buying on channels outside established shopping platforms, especially social media. – Read More on the Drum

5. Disney names executive to oversee metaverse strategy: Mike White has been named to the new role of senior vice president of Next Generation Storytelling and Consumer Experiences, where he will help define how consumers experience Disney’s coming metaverse. – Read More on Reuters

6. Which luxury products do US shoppers buy in-store? While luxury shopping is very much still an in-person activity, 2 in 5 US adults who had bought luxury items in the past year did so online. – Read More on eMarketer