1. Fashion Faces Recycling Fees Similar to Other Industries: So-called extended producer responsibility programs are one answer to textile waste. EPR programs charge producers tiny fees—often a fraction of a penny—on individual items to fund waste collection and recycling. – Read More on the WSJ

2. LVMH Faces Renewed Tax Scrutiny After Court Loss: France’s top court on Wednesday overturned a prior ruling that had deemed the 2019 inspections to be unjustified. The Cour de Cassation ordered the Paris court of appeals to reexamine the challenge brought by LVMH. – Read More on Bloomberg

3. Founder of WallStreetBets, which helped ignite meme stock frenzy, sues Reddit: He is seeking at least $1 million in damages for breach of contract and violations of his publicity rights, and a ban on Reddit’s use of WallStreetBets unless it reinstates him as senior moderator of the r/WallStreetBets subreddit. – Read More on Reuters

4. Apparel Industry Is Unprepared for New Sustainability Laws: In the US, Europe, and elsewhere, new laws are in the pipeline or on the books that, for the first time, require leading brands to come clean about pollution and waste. – Read More on Forbes

5. RELATED READ: Regulating the Industry: A Running Tracker of Fashion-Focused Legislation. The U.S. is seeing a rise in fashion-centric legislation that is worth keeping an eye on. – Read More on TFL

6. UK watchdog faces lawsuit from climate group over energy company prospectus: Britain’s markets watchdog acted unlawfully when approving documents that allowed an oil and gas company to list in London even though it had failed to properly describe climate-related risks, an environmental law charity alleged on Thursday. – Read More on Reuters