Image: Gucci

1. Uniqlo Intends to Become the World’s Top Fashion Retailer by Distancing From H&M and Zara: Uniqlo takes a different approach that its fast fashion counteroarts. Rather than simply pumping out masses of clothing for immediate consumption to be quickly discarded for next week’s or next season’s styles, Uniqlo specializes in the basics that have a season-less appeal. – Read More on Forbes

2. The next social media frontier for fashion: For brands, there’s still value in larger networks, but embracing smaller platforms can pay off, creating deeper connections with super fans. That leads to stronger advocacy, loyalty and sales. – Read More on Vogue Biz

3. Nearly half of MyTheresa customers in the U.S. and Germany spend tens of thousands on luxury goods annually: Cowen analysts conducted a survey of customers in the U.S. and Germany who shop on luxury e-commerce site MyTheresa, finding that about 45% typically spend more than $30,000 annually. – Read More on Market Watch

4. How the fashion industry is working to keep its products out of the landfill: The biggest challenge is competing with fast fashion. Materials and labor cost 10 to 20 times more for sustainable products than for mass fashion produced offshore. – Read More on Globe & Mail

5. Policy Steps Biden and Harris Can Take to Protect Garment Workers, Environment: The Labor Department has found that 90% of garment workers in Los Angeles do not receive overtime pay for working more than 40 hours a week, and 60% are paid less than minimum wage. Fast fashion is characterized by unethical practices. – Read More on Sourcing Journal