Image: TFL

1. The shelf life of creative is getting shorter for DTC brands: Now, less than two years after Great Jones officially launched, its founders already feel like the maximalist approach that was once unique to Great Jones is back in fashion again among startups. – Read More on Modern Retail 

2. What Brandless’ downfall says about brand building in the digital era: “To me, it highlights the importance of having a strong brand … Brandless was almost trying to do a double-step there, which was to introduce a new direct, digitally led brand and to do so with a relatively novel marketing technique of low touch and low information.” – Read More on Marketing Dive 

3. Victoria’s Secret dumped hundreds of bras outside a recently closed store, and it reveals a dark truth about the fashion industry: Throwing or incinerating inventory that can’t be sold but could be donated is a big issue in the retail sector and stores often resort to extremes measures such as these to protect their brand image. – Read More on Business Insider 

4. RETRO READ: Burned Bags, Destroyed Watches … There is More to the Alleged Destruction of Luxury Goods Than You Think. By destroying unused products, brands that import goods into the U.S. stand to benefit from the “drawback” or the return of certain duties, internal and revenue taxes and certain fees collected upon the importation of products into the U.S., for instance, from France. – Read More on TFL 

5. The decline of the basketball shoe: Basketball shoe sales are down for the fourth consecutive year, and the industry is being crushed by the athleisure wave. Basketball shoe sales currently represent less than 5% of the athletic shoe market, a huge drop from their 13% market share in 2014. – Read More on Axios (via Redef) 

6. Global fashion industry facing a “nightmare.”  Chinese consumers make up 80% of growth in the market. “We’ve never seen a situation like this, where sales go to zero. And it affects everybody, whether you’re a big or small brand.” – Read More on BBC