Image: Celine

1. Boomers Are Going to Drive a Surge in Spending: Even when the health crisis is over, the economic effects will linger. Younger consumers, especially the many working in retail and hospitality, will feel the most financial pain. Consumer companies better start speaking to the boomers. – Read More on Bloomberg

2. RELATED READ: By Focusing Almost Exclusively on Millennials and Gen Z, Fashion is Ignoring a $15 Billion Market. “Not only are today’s over-50 consumers wealthier, they are also healthier and have more time to spend their money before and during retirement. All these factors are contributing to a rise in a mature demographic of shoppers eager to explore all the options available to them.” – Read More on TFL

3. For Neiman, Saks, Nordstrom the retail battle is getting more personal: More department store sales associates earn commissions and build client relationships with personalized services offered online, a setup that also benefits retailers. The Covid-19 pandemic also is shifting these experiences online through social media like Instagram and virtual styling technology apps. – Read More on CNBC

4. Retailers to face continued pandemic-induced supply chain pain well into 2021: Major global retailers and their logistics partners are likely to face continued supply chain disruptions and delivery delays caused by the coronavirus pandemic well into 2021. – Read More on S&P Global

5. Creating a Post-Covid Business Plan: How does your business really make money? Many companies haven’t taken the time to articulate their critical strategic differentiators or map out how money, goods, and information flow from their suppliers to their consumers. Next, who do you depend on to drive the business? Define your most important stakeholders and their behaviors that affect your business model. – Read More on HBR