1. Will Hermès Stall After a Stellar Year? Hermès will continue to occupy that sweet spot in the middle by holding its quiet luxury ground. The strategy makes sense for the affluent luxury consumer who is not social media or trend driven. – Read More on Yahoo

2. Gucci invests in first Circular Hub to power a “Circular Made in Italy.” The “Circular Hub” will aim to accelerate the circular transformation of the Italian fashion industry’s production model, through the redefinition of the entire value chain. – Read More from Kering

3. Luxury sector eyes reopening of China: “There is an incredible amount of savings that has been built up, an incredible reserve in the hands of the well-off class which wants to purchase luxury goods.” As such, the luxury market in China could jump by 30 percent this year. – Read More on Japan Today

4. Microsoft, Google, and a New Era of Antitrust: An aggressive litigation strategy can provide a potent disruption to companies deemed too powerful. But these cases also send a message to European regulators, who have stepped into a leading role on antitrust. – Read More on HBR

5. Biden admin won’t veto ITC’s Apple Watch import ban ruling: The Biden Administration has decided not to overrule a U.S. International Trade Commission decision that could block imports of Apple Inc’s Apple Watches for infringing AliveCor Inc patents related to heart monitoring. – Read More on Reuters

6. Shein Sees Its Fast Fashion Sales Eclipsing Zara and H&M Combined: Shein is reportedly telling investors that it plans to double its revenue by 2025.  The online fast fashion giant also expects its gross merchandise value will rise 174% over that same time. – Read More on PYMNTS