1. Luxury stocks have the kind of momentum Big Tech did in the 2021 bull market: “Luxury stocks have been an investor favorite for a while now but the fact that the big tech stocks don’t have much wind in their sails at the moment is putting the spotlight on them, especially with the Chinese economy reopening.” – Read More on Fortune

2. Fighting Corporate Lies: “The best way to tackle greenwashing was to require companies to disclose more information, to explain what they mean when they present their climate plans or label a product in a certain way.” – Read More on the New York Times

3. Resale market for sneakers loses froth as prices tumble: Price declines are signaling that the froth has left the market, leading sneaker heads and analysts alike to wonder if the market is crashing — or just normalizing. – Read More on Axios

4. UK lawmakers clash with fund industry over plan to tackle greenwashing: The Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) sustainability disclosure requirements (SDR) are aimed at protecting consumers from fund managers exaggerating their climate credentials and arming savers with better information about where their money goes. – Read More on Reuters

5. Anthropic A.I. Sues AI Company for Trademark Infringement: Anthropic A.I., an artificial intelligence development and design company, is suing A.I. research and development company Anthropic, Inc. for alleged trademark infringement. – Read More on Bloomberg

6. What Luxury’s Resilience Says About Marketing in a Downturn: With strategies rooted in experiences, excitement and escapism, luxury has been buoyed by a post-lockdown desire from people to “catch up” on experiences disrupted by the pandemic. – Read More on Ad Week