Image: adidas

1. How Fashion Designers Became the New Instagram Influencers: Designers like Marc Jacobs, Virgil Abloh and Donatella Versace are moonlighting as social media influencers. “The more people that tune in [to a designer’s account], the less money that brand has to spend on traditional advertising. So it can transfer over and it can have a benefit for the brand.” – Read More on the WSJ 

2. ‘The modern Goodwill’: How ThredUp positioned itself as the struggling retailer’s resale partner-in-crime. The 10-year-old company as a peer-to-peer platform for people to buy and sell men’s shirts. Three years later it adopted more of the consignment model, having people offer up their clothes which the company would then price and sell itself. – Read More on Modern Retail 

3. How Kanye’s lusted-after Yeezy 350 V2 lost its hype: “There is the potential for this brand to recover the real scarcity that’s out of control, but it won’t be easy to get there. You can’t slow it down for one year and get there the next year.” – Read More on Input 

4. Should we ration fashion? What if, for example, we could buy only a certain amount of new clothing – and then buy as much secondhand as we wanted? What if we got a tax break for ethical shopping – just as in Scandinavia the government gives a tax break to repair shops? – Read More on the Guardian 

5. Coronavirus will cost the luxury industry an estimated $40 billion: a survey of top luxury executives estimates the total hit to the industry’s sales could reach as high as €40 billion ($43.4 billion). – Read More on Quartz