Image: Michael Kors

1. As physical retail resurges, these ecommerce leaders are doubling down on digital: Target and Walmart are bringing in a lot of digital native brands into physical store. They recognize these high growth digital brands are where the growth is coming from. This is why winning the ‘digital shelf’ is important.” – Read More on Forbes

2. Capri plans price increases at Michael Kors, Versace as luxury fashion booms: Capri reported a 24% jump in holiday-quarter sales and raised its full-year outlook, saying it would further increase prices across its brands to take advantage of soaring demand for high fashion. – Read More on Reuters

3. RELATED READ: Not Merely Softening the COVID Blow, Brands are Boosting Prices as They Aim to Move Up-Market. Aims to soften the blow of COVID-era spending – or better yet, a lack thereof – have certainly behind many brands’ pricing strategies as of late. But there is more to it for brands that that are looking to position themselves more favorably, and boost their brand image and their margins in the process. – Read More on TFL

4. Young Consumers More Environment-Minded in China, India Than in Rich Countries: Gen Z and millennial consumers in China, India and other emerging economies are more environmentally conscious, more likely to buy sustainable products. – Read More on Bloomberg

5. Breakdown: Real profit and loss in the metaverse. The potential is there. Metaverses can expand the availability of certain activities (and products), since there are no limitations relating to accessibility, travel or public health. – Read More on Reuters