Image: Amazon

1. Will Amazon’s new boss finally make it a fashion powerhouse? Selling fashion is different from selling spatulas. It’s emotional, for one thing; we all already have more than enough clothing, so motivating someone to click “buy now” typically requires a more sophisticated approach, one that plays to often unacknowledged ideas concerning the gap between how we feel and how we wish to feel. – Read More on the Telegraph

2. Trends shaping the industries and sectors we cover in 2021: The success of every company is increasingly dependent on its ability to embrace a broad range of new and emerging information technologies, such as AI, cloud and emerging security approaches, driving deeper engagement with greater effectiveness and efficiency. The global pandemic has only served to increase the stakes. – Read More on S&P Global

3. Beauty will bounce back faster than fashion: The global beauty market, which generates $500 billion in sales a year according to consulting firm McKinsey, is set to surpass 2019 sales despite the pandemic’s setbacks. Fashion, meanwhile, is not expected to recover until 2022. – Read More on Vogue Business

4. Just how valuable is that luxury bag? This app can tell you instantly: Right now, Clair AI isn’t designed to identify fake luxury bags. If the bag doesn’t correspond closely with a real bag on the market, the app will reject the image and decline to value it. However, it is possible that a very good counterfeit might dupe the technology. – Read More on Fast Co. 

5. Marble Ridge Capital Founder Admits to Neiman Marcus Fraud: Marble Ridge Capital founder Dan Kamensky pleaded guilty to fraud, five months after he was charged with abusing his position on a Neiman Marcus Group Inc. bankruptcy committee to purchase assets at an artificially low price. – Read More on Bloomberg

6. RELATED READ: Neiman Marcus v. Marble Ridge Capital. The Story Behind the $1 Billion-Plus Legal Battle. What started as a strongly-worded letter to Neiman Marcus’ board turned into a public-facing legal battle a few months later when Marble Ridge filed a lawsuit against the Dallas, Texas-based retailer’s various domestic and international corporate identities centering on the $1 billion transfer and seeking upwards of $1 million in damages. – Read More on TFL

7. On the heels of reports that Hudson’s Bay Co. will split its Saks Fifth Avenue brick-and-mortar operations from its digital business, presumably in an attempt to boost the value of its portfolio as a whole, Daimler AG plans to spin off its trucks business, in a move highlighting how conventional auto makers – and other entities – are under pressure to boost their stock-market value. – Read More on the WSJ