Image: Canada Goose

1. Canada Goose Jumps Most Since 2018 as Online Sales Surge 39%: A new wave of Covid-19 infections forced Canada Goose and its retail partners to close a number of stores during the holiday season in cities including Toronto and Berlin. But e-commerce grew by double digits in every major market, with the U.K. up almost 100%. – Read More on Bloomberg

2. In coming weeks, investors will be looking closely at retailers’ inventory levels, which could impact sales and earnings forecasts: “We decided, we would rather have too little inventory and miss a sale than have way too much inventory and have to be marking stuff down by 50% or 70%, which just isn’t good for brand health.” – Read More on CNBC

3. Millions of Counterfeit Masks Flooded U.S. Customs Facilities Last Year: Such masks included fake products labeled as having been made by major producers such as 3M or by luxury brands. Among the agency’s recent seizures were 21 shipping boxes of masks labeled as 3M Mask Model 1860, seized in Cincinnati in December. – Read More on the WSJ (Note: this article states that “counterfeit products are those that violate the copyrights of other companies.” In reality, counterfeit products violate the trademarks of others). 

4. RELATED READ: Copyrights, trademarks, and patents are not the same thing. Despite the sheer importance of intellectual property in the fashion industry and beyond, it is a commonly misunderstood body of law, and its various elements are often used interchangeably when they are, in fact, distinct. – Read More on TFL

5. Fashion raises the alarm on Brexit trade deal: In an open letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson this week, where 451 leading figures from the UK’s fashion and textile industry requested a “radical overhaul of customs arrangements including VAT on all goods shipped into the EU by the end of February, or British brands will die.” – Read More on the FT

6. Gold in Your Closet: The Startup Helping Patagonia And Levi’s Cash in on the Resale Boom: Second hand clothing is the hottest trend in apparel, and big brands are suddenly happy to make the profits—but avoid the headaches—by outsourcing the grimy work to tiny Trove. – Read More on Forbes

7. LVMH tells Tiffany employees to return to office in March: The French luxury goods giant told employees at the U.S. jeweler to return to the office two days a week beginning March 1, according to people familiar with the situation. “It’s critical at this time of change that we adopt a hybrid approach to onsite-remote working.” – Read More on the WSJ