Image: Versed

1. White House adviser accuses Amazon’s Jeff Bezos of backing out of meeting on fake products: Navarro said Trump is also angry over the trade of counterfeit goods on Amazon and “thinks it’s outrageous what the e-commerce platforms are getting away with” at the expense of brick-and-mortar retail stores in the United States. – Read More on the Washington Post

2. The North Face’s latest quest? Clothes that last forever: “As designers, we’re thinking about how to design products that will perform when the customer uses it, but … we’re thinking about what happens at the end of the garment’s life. We can focus on extending the product’s lifespan and finding new purposes for it when it’s finally beyond use.” – Read More on Fast Co.

3. This was the worst holiday for Macy’s foot traffic since at least 2016: Virtually all department stores closed stores in 2019, and some — like Barney’s — called it quits entirely. And while Macy’s foot traffic outpaces that of other department stores, this downward trend in holiday pickup will not be a good thing for the business when it reports holiday sales in its next earnings report. – Read More on Thinknum 

4. Why LVMH Invested in a Beauty Brand Sold at Target: Versed, a ‘clean’ beauty range that debuted last spring, has an unlikely new backer: the world’s largest luxury conglomerate. The investment in Versed signals new priorities for LVMH: a desire to get into clean skincare, and, potentially, a new focus on mass-market beauty. – Read More on BoF 

5. Amid climate crisis, fashion rethinks the runway show: Brands are increasingly offsetting the impact of runway shows and some are treating fashion month as an opportunity to convene and rethink the industry’s business model for greater sustainability, but critics argue fashion week still perpetuates the bigger problem of overproduction and conspicuous consumption. – Read More on Vogue Biz