Image: Zara

1. Ultra-fast Fashion Is Eating the World: Two decades ago, Zara was revolutionary for offering hundreds of new items a week; nowadays, ASOS adds as many as 7,000. Fast-fashion companies used to brag about getting a new style up for sale in as little as two weeks. Boohoo can do it in a matter of days. – Read More on the Atlantic

2. RELATED READ: As Fast Fashion Gets Faster and Cheaper, the Giants Behind it Are Facing Scrutiny. With their sweeping social media footprints, digitally-native operations, and bevy of Instagram-famous endorsers (from Kourtney Kardashian and Paris Hilton to Zendaya and Hailey Baldwin), Boohoo and co. have turned the traditional understanding of fast fashion on its head. – Read More on TFL

3. Secondhand luxury first in buyers’ hearts: China’s secondhand luxury market is booming as more young and internet-savvy consumers, who are also environmentally conscious, are looking for affordable high-end goods through secondhand luxury trading platforms. – Read More on China Daily

4. In Fashion Wars, Amazon Copies But it’s The Data That Sells: It collects data not just on consumer preferences in any one product category like footwear, but potentially a deep, mineable profile of each customer’s habits, lives and interests. – Read More on Forbes

5. LVMH-affiliated L Catterton inches ahead in $5 billion Birkenstock bidding: The company sold 23.8 million pairs of shoes in the financial year through September 2019, which helped sales rise 11% to 721.5 million euros. The style has spawned a range of luxury variants from labels including Celine and Givenchy, following a celebrity-powered bump in the 1990s and 2000s. – Read More on Bloomberg