Image: Gap

1. Fashion is about to get more expensive – but by just how much? Clothing costs are set to rise by 10 percent this year as a result of higher cotton and shipping costs coupled with inflation, and brands are worried that these inevitable price increases will make their regular customers pause before making impulse purchases. – Read More on the Telegraph

2. The Myth of Sustainable Fashion: Despite high-profile attempts at innovation, fashion has failed to reduce its planetary impact in the past 25 years. Most items are still produced using non-biodegradable petroleum-based synthetics and end up in a landfill. – Read More on HBR

3. How Afterpay Transformed the Fashion Industry: Though the installment payment model is not an entirely new concept, its resurgence has not come without criticism, with some users reporting overdraft fees and late charges. “It sounds too good to be true, and it is, in many ways, because there are perils for people who use it.” – Read More on Elle

4. Gap taps NFT craze by taking classic hoodies digital: Gap Inc on Thursday launched NFTs of its iconic hoodies, sending the apparel maker’s shares about 5% higher as it became the latest major retailer to dive into the world of speculative crypto assets. – Read More on Reuters

5. Brand Mashups in Fashion: Benefits in Consumer Engagement, Access to New Markets and More. In 2021, we saw a strong recovery in consumer demand worldwide—especially in the apparel and footwear category. In this context, we continue to see companies turn to brand mashups, whereby two brands collaborate with each other to launch new projects and products. – Read More on Coresight Research