Image: Versace

1. Ultimate Status Symbol: Just as French luxury giant LVMH adds Tiffany & Co. to its stable, it scores more than a marketing coup with a diamond deal that’s out of this world, a 1,758-carat Sewelo diamond, which is roughly the size of a tennis ball. – Read More on Bloomberg

2. For most luxury goods, this is the most expensive city in the world: Hong Kong was found to be the priciest city in the world for luxury products and services, according to a report by private bank Julius Baer. – Read More on CNBC

3. Jennifer Lopez Is Fashion’s Most Coveted Spring ’20 Campaign Star — But Will She Drive Sales? Jennifer Lopez is the face of three major fashion campaigns for spring ’20 (Gucci, Guess, and Coach) — making her the season’s most coveted ad star. While it’s rare for a celebrity to front so many different brands in the same season, Lopez, 50, is “unique and a megastar right now.” – Read More on Yahoo

4. Is This the Birkin Bag of Lipstick? Every six months for the near future, Hermès plans to launch a new cosmetics category. The company won’t yet confirm any delivery dates or future product lines—“at our own pace” is a phrase often used at Hermès so as not to ensnare its creatives in rigid delivery schedules—but foundations and eye and cheek colors are not far behind, to be followed eventually by skin care. – Read More on WSJ

5. Forget heels, white trainers were the shoe of the decade, going from scruffy to stylish: More than 23 billion pairs of trainers are produced annually, of which about 300 million are thrown away each year, and it takes 30 to 40 years for sneakers to decompose in a landfill. – Read More on SCMP

6. RETRO READ: Sneakers Are the Hottest Thing in Fashion and They Aren’t Going Away Anytime SoonDigital aggregator Farfetch is offering up more than 5,000 sneakers styles, much more than the 3,500 heels/pumps styles is currently has on its site. – Read More on TFL