1. How ‘groupist culture’ and social media are fueling South Koreans’ craze for luxury goods: Luxury goods purchases by customers in their 20s in S. Korea doubled every year, far exceeding overall luxury sales growth since 2016, while customers in their 30s became the largest contributor to luxury sales. – Read More on SCMP

2. How Price Changes Influence Consumers’ Buying Decisions: Buyers are more likely to buy now if they see a single large price decrease or a series of smaller price increases, because they’ll assume that the price will go up if they wait. – Read More on HBR

3. Renaissance in Uncertainty: The impact of a possible global recession in 2023 could differ from the impact of the 2008–09 global financial crisis. The luxury market now appears better equipped to cope with economic turbulence, thanks to a consumer base that is both larger and more concentrated on top customers who are less sensitive to downturns. – Read More on Bain

4. Apple wins appeal to keep $308 million U.S. patent verdict at bay: The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit on Friday affirmed a decision to throw out a $308.5 million jury verdict against Apple for allegedly infringing a patent related to digital rights management. – Read More on Reuters

5. Europe’s luxury sector looking forward to the return of big-spending Chinese tourists: “China reopening is one of the key ‘mega-themes’ for the luxury sector in 2023,” RBC Bank said in a recent note to clients. – Read More on SCMP