1. Judge dismisses Whole Foods workers’ lawsuit over ‘Black Lives Matter’ masks: U.S. District Judge Allison Burroughs found little evidence to refute Whole Foods’ “legitimate business explanations” for strictly enforcing the dress code, and no significant evidence it targeted the plaintiffs by firing them in the summer of 2020. – Read More on Reuters

2. Adidas’ Recent Trial Loss Unlikely to Deter Brand Enforcement: The fear among large brands is that without aggressive prosecution, a once-distinctive trademark may lose its value as more and more third parties begin to use similar looking marks. – Read More on Bloomberg

3. RELATED READ: Thom Browne Beats Out adidas in Stripe-Centric Trademark Battle. At the heart of adidas’ case was its claim that consumers “are likely to assume that [Thom Browne’s] goods originate from the same source, or that they are affiliated, connected, or associated with [adidas]” when no such affiliation exists. – Read More on TFL

4. The 100 most sustainable companies of 2023 still flourishing in tumultuous times: While the average gender diversity of Global 100 boards inched upward slightly to 34%, that figure shot up from 23% to 32% for the broader universe of more than 6,000 companies analyzed. – Read More on Corporate Knights

5. How the new ESPR legislation will impact intellectual asset protection: The ESPR aims to establish a framework to improve transparency around circularity, energy performance and environmental sustainability of products among product manufacturers, dealers, importers and distributors. – Read More on OAG

6. New study suggests AI will revolutionize fashion design: The research notes the use of AI in the fashion industry has grown significantly in recent years. For example, it is already being used to personalize fashion recommendations for customers, optimize supply chain management, automate processes, and improve sustainability to reduce waste. – Read More on Just Style