Image: Bottega Veneta

1. Bottega Veneta is growing faster than its sister brands including Saint Laurent and even Kering’s crown jewel, Gucci. Meanwhile, discounts on Bottega products also fell dramatically around November of last year, coinciding with creative director Daniel Lee’s first collections and signaling that sell-through is likely higher. – Read More on Glossy

2. The $100 Billion Man: How LVMH’s Bernard Arnault stitched together a giant fortune.  “If you compare us to Microsoft, [we are] small,” he says. Indeed, LVMH’s market value of $214 billion lags far behind the software giant’s $1.1 trillion. “It’s just the beginning.” – Read More on Forbes

3. RETRO READ: Are indigenous textile makers fashion’s latest victims? The lack of a concrete international legal framework protecting the artistic rights of communities means that “you can put a [fashion brand’s] label on a traditional design.” – Read More on Equal Times

4. Software ate the world. Now it’s design’s turn. To have any chance of competing, products and services need to be easily understood, compelling, and even beautiful. With the internet now providing the most potent means of distribution, design has become the most potent means of differentiation. – Read More on Fast Co.

5. ASOS says that it sold a black dress a second on Black Friday: The British fashion chain sold one black dress every second and one wedding dress every minute during record trade on Black Friday last year. – Read More on BBC