1. Consumers Tired of Inflation Scrimp—and Splurge: People are also looking for luxury at more affordable price points in the secondhand market.  “That’s allowing them to do more revenge spending than they have been doing before.” – Read More on the WSJ

2. Why K-pop rules fashion week: As South Korean pop music becomes an increasingly global obsession, and as luxury megabrands sign more and more deals with its leading stars, K-pop groups’ fanatical young followers have become a fixture. – Read More on CNN

3. RETRO READ: Fashion Brands Continue Leverage the Power of Asia’s Biggest Pop Stars. Add to LVMH’s eagerness to invest in Korean companies the interest of the fashion industry (as a whole) in the country’s biggest stars. Chanel and Fendi, for example, continue to tap K-Pop stars to appear in their campaigns and sit in the front row of their runway shows. – Read More on TFL

4. Luxury boom shows the staying power of the ultra-rich: One of the most interesting differences between the post-Covid luxury boom and the post-2008 market is that, this time around, there seems to be no worry about conspicuous consumption. Perhaps this is a hangover from the “greed is good” Trump era. – Read More on the FT

5. Big opportunities are in luxury goods that have a lot of price leverage: Beauty and luxury remain top sectors amidst growing caution on the middle- and low-income consumer, Oliver Chen, senior research analyst at Cowen. – Read More on Bloomberg

6. Inflation Isn’t Just Pinching Wallets. It’s Squeezing Handbags, Too: “Our Quarterly Handbag Promo Tracker suggests there could be demand risk in the accessory and handbag segment as the pressure of inflation creeps to higher household income brackets.” – Read More on Barron’s