Image: Revolve

1. In the online shopping era bricks-and-mortar beauty stores aren’t going down without a fight: The art of the retail experience isn’t dead – in fact, it’s becoming a way to stand out. “There are many facets to buying beauty that can’t be replicated online.” – Read More on SCMP 

2. Amazon is Readying Major Disruption for the Fashion Industry: As the e-commerce giant reportedly readies a luxury platform, apparel and footwear have already topped the list of the most purchased product category on Amazon, rising from fourth place in 2017 when it trailed books, beauty and electronics. – Read More on Forbes 

3. Louis Vuitton’s Dip Doesn’t Herald End of Luxury Boom, but the bumps aren’t over: The emergence of a deadly coronavirus in China is likely to be another temporary blow to designer brands. At the time of the 2003 SARS outbreak, Chinese consumers were buying less than 10% of all luxury goods sold world-wide. Most brands have more than tripled their exposure to China’s wealthy shoppers (who now buy one-third of all such goods globally) since then. – Read More on WSJ 

4. Can Harry and Meghan Make Canada an International Style Destination? Experts predict the move to Canada by Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle could serve as a major boost to Canada’s $23.3 billion fashion industry, as it could shine a spotlight on local brands that often miss international exposure. – Read More on PYMNTS 

5. Revolve is the Future of Fashion Retail: From its profitable “fashion technology” business, which sees it partnering with a network of influencers and celebrities to sell apparel to its excellent profit margins due to its premium branding and efficient sourcing processes. – Read More on Seeking AlphaShare