1. Business Disruptions Wane as Some Industries See a Return to Normal: Goods are moving around the world again and reaching companies and consumers, despite some production bottlenecks and Covid outbreaks inside China. – Read More on the WSJ

2. How can technology help the fashion industry move towards sustainability? “This buyer-seller relationship exists in the industry between the brand and the supplier. That dynamic needs to be changed into [something] more co-developed and co-created.” – Read More on TechNode

3. RELATED READ: Fashion’s Buzzy Tech Initiatives, Alone, Won’t Solve its Sustainability Issues. Consistent overproduction, the endless quest for scale, and the downward spiral of wages are key issues that stand out in fashion’s quest to clean up its act, but more than that, transparency continues to be a problem. – Read More on TFL

4. Catering to North Korea’s elite, department stores stock up on fake luxury goods: “Chanel brand bags, perfumes and alcoholic beverages are being imported in large quantities on Dandong-Sinuiju freight trains that are assigned to trading companies affiliated with the party.” – Read More on RFA

5. Luxury Brand Montblanc Sees Opportunity in Airports and Smaller Cities: The company is targeting airport retail stores — both duty-free and duty-paid — because those locations allow it to engage with customers it wouldn’t see in a traditional store and because there’s a growing number of airports opening in the country. – Read More on PYMNTS