Image: J. Crew

1. The 6 wildest ways we shopped in 2020: Achim Berg, who leads McKinsey’s fashion research, says WhatsApp has been a popular platform for luxury brands trying to connect with customers. It’s designed to replicate the luxury experience of the past, where a boutique would call a client directly when a new product came in the store he or she would like. – Read More on Fast Co.

2. Future of luxury: A look at the year ahead. One thing that won’t go away this year? Logos. “In previous crises, logos were a no-no, it was inappropriate. Right now, even with high unemployment, it is the iconic, recognizable products that are outperforming versus pre-Covid. There is no guilt factor — it’s more of a ‘I’ve survived this, it’s ok to reward myself, I’m worth it’.” – Read More on the FT

3. Gorpcore: How Arc’teryx Parkas and Salomon Hiking Boots Became High Fashion: The term “gorpcore”—coined by New York Magazine’s style site the Cut in 2017—has been bubbling up in men’s fashion for a few years. It emerged as an outdoor-specific offshoot of the 2010s’ normcore trend, which recontextualized humble, pragmatic clothes as lust-worthy fashion. – Read More on the WSJ

4. How Did Business’s Role in Society Change in 2020? In addition to spontaneous marches around the world, nearly every organization felt a need to say or do something to support Black Lives Matter and show commitment to justice. Microsoft pledged to buy 500 megawatts of solar energy from and for minority communities and retailer Sephora will dedicate 15% of its shelf space to Black-owned brands. – Read More on HBR

5. How Authentic Brands Group has positioned itself as the 2020 repo man: Nearly 30 retailers have filed for bankruptcy so far in 2020, closing thousands of a stores. But a few of those businesses have been acquired by consortia like Authentic Brands Group. Most recently ABG has purchased Brooks Brothers, Forever 21 and Barneys — all ailing for their own set of reasons. – Read More on Modern Retail