Image: Louis Vuitton

1. The Future of Luxury? A Conversation With CEO of LVMH Fashion Group Sidney Toledano. “Today, the consumer is more than aware about the origin of the products, sustainability is at the forefront. So, while we produce in a larger scale [than in years prior], we have kept the excellence of an expertise of more than sixty years.” – Read More on Forbes

2. Eileen Fisher built a fashion empire. Her employees now own nearly half of it: Fisher personally owns 60% of the company that shares her name, while the remaining 40% is held by her 1,200 full- and part-time employees through an employee stock ownership plan. – Read More on CNN 

3. Glossier founder Emily Weiss: People are the key to Weiss’s vision, which has set a new blueprint for success for the cosmetics industry. She often talks about the “democratization” of beauty, about how Glossier came up with its products by asking women what they wanted, rather than telling women what they needed. She built awareness through word-of-mouth on social media, and the community that lives for its famous pink bubblewrap bags, chic design and solid, functional basics is deeply loyal. – Read More on the Guardian 

4. RETRO READ: Glossier Filed 2 Trademark Applications This Spring That Say a Lot About Modern BrandingGlossier is essentially claiming that in much the same way that consumers link the word “Glossier” with its brand, they make a connection in their minds when they see boxes with pink interiors and pink bubble wrap pouches. – Read More on TFL 

5. Is Canada Goose losing its mojo? Early data suggests cooling customer interest. New data has revealed that the Toronto-based outerwear company has had to discount its jackets an average of 13% to move inventory in a signal that consumer enthusiasm for the brand is waning. – Read More on Thinknum 

6. In 2020, retail is moving back to Main Street: In 2019 alone, more than 9,300 stores across the spectrum, from the Dollar Store to Barneys, closed locations. But as we’ve seen, consumers are still eager to spend money in physical stores, as long as the retail experiences is well-designed, entertaining, and integrated into our lifestyles. – Read More on Fast Co.