1. Dior Seeks Compensation From Valentino: Dior is displeased about alleged disruptions to its business caused by the recent couture show that Valentino staged near the Spanish Steps in Rome. In a letter that it sent to Valentino on Friday, counsel for Dior is demanding that Valentino pay it a sum of 100,000 euros for preventing “regular foot traffic” to its nearby boutique. – Read More on WWD

2. Levi’s Closing in on 50-50 Split as Direct-to-Consumer Sales Accelerate: While this 1:1 physical-to-digital ratio is still a way off, the San Francisco-based denim giant is getting closer and closer, as redesigned stores, improved websites and apps and changing consumer habits combine to drive growth in digital. – Read More on PYMNTS

3. Digital Transformation Is Changing Supply Chain Relationships: Digital technologies are allowing companies to share supply chain information and assets in new ways. For example, it is making it possible for companies to share warehouse space and trucking capacity. – Read More on HBR

4. Analysis: Twitter has legal edge in deal dispute with Musk. Delaware courts, where the dispute between the two sides is set to be litigated, have set a high bar for acquirers being allowed to abandon their deals. – Read More on Reuters

5. Kanye West hit with lawsuit from luxury fashion rental company for allegedly failing to pay $200,000 in fees and not returning items: The David Casavant Archive is suing Kanye West on claims he failed to pay rental fees and return items. – Read More on Business Insider

6. Metaverse Potential Is Only Getting Bigger. So What’s Next for China and Web3? The estimated market size of the metaverse industry in the country has reached upwards of $8 trillion, with an estimated 37 million Chinese online users expected to have a virtual identity on metaverse platforms by 2025. – Read More on Jing