Image: Draper James

1. Coronavirus offers an opportunity to remake fashion industry: What now for the piles of unsold clothes, unwanted for the warm summer? Retailers will be working with suppliers to carry over stock to next year, reallocating fabric to the autumn and winter, and donating their unsold stock to charities. However, retailers will need to take other steps too. – Read More on the Times

2. E-commerce adoption due to pandemic could result in ‘massive dilution’ of retailers’ profits, according to Bain & Co. Head of Global Retail Practice Marc-Andre Kamel: “The problem is not capacity. Retailers have always been able to build capacity. The real problem is profitability.” – See More on CNBC

3. Can Reese Witherspoon Beat the Lawsuit Her Brand is Facing Over Awkward COVID-19 Lottery? The actress disputes contract formation, which goes to the plaintiffs’ standing, because the suing teachers have not expressly indicated they signed up for the giveaway “based on an expectation that they would be guaranteed a free dress by doing so.” – Read More on THR

4. Burberry to Cut Jobs in Revamp After Lockdown Causes Sales Fall: The company behind the iconic trenchcoat announced last week that it would consolidate its offerings around ready-to-wear, accessories and shoes as it aims to elevate the quality of its products while becoming more agile. The reorganization is part of a plan put in place by Chief Executive Officer Marco Gobbetti, whose urgency has grown with the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. – Read More on Bloomberg

5. How Fashion Brands Can Adapt and Reopen Post-Pandemic: “If your customer is focused on saving instead of spending, find ways to add more value to your product, whether that means creating something special, offering a limited edition product or developing a unique value offer. Make sure your product is worth it to them.” – Read More on Forbes

6. RELATED READ: What Are the Legal Risks and Responsibilities for Companies as Businesses Begin to Reopen? What the U.S. Chamber of Commerce considers to be “perhaps the largest area of concern for the overall business community,” and what is among the most concerning for companies on the verge of reopening, exposure liability is likely to lead to a flood of employee class action lawsuits. – Read More on TFL