Image: Gucci

1. Renting fashion can be green, argue clothes renters: The fashion rental industry is challenging the findings of a recent high-profile report that suggested renting clothes is “less green than throwing them away”, based on the environmental impacts of transportation and dry cleaning. – Read More on the Guardian

2. Luxury Brands Scramble to Young Men in Their 20s and 30s: “Female customers are mostly interested in buying bags. Male customers, in contrast, show interest in a wide variety of products, such as glasses, shoes, wallets, and more.” – Read More on Korea Bizwire

3. A lot of women are excited to wear heels again, data suggests — just not to work: Post-pandemic, many women heading back to the office are swapping heels for sneakers and flats. Fashion footwear experienced a 27% decrease in sales in 2020. – Read More on Grow

4. RETRO READ: Sneakers Are the Hottest Thing in Fashion and They Aren’t Going Away Anytime Soon. The surge in sneaker popularity comes as countries around the world have taken to reconsidering the laws that apply in connection with work dress codes. For instance, until 2017, some companies in British Columbia were legally permitted to force women to wear high heels at work. Not anymore. – Read More on TFL

5. Covid contracts gave the fashion industry a boost. Can it survive normalcy? Creating products close to home and on demand might be the best bet for survival. “With the clogged-up supply chain, we have the space to make less stuff on demand, and it costs the same with less waste.” – Read More on Crain’s