Image: Rally

1. Is your Hermès bag worth a fortune? How handbags became a bona fide investment: Once, people would have sniggered at the thought of buying a handbag as an ‘investment’. Now, the laugh is on those who did: some designer handbags now outperform art, classic cars and rare whisky in terms of investment potential, according to a new report. – Read More on the Telegraph

2. RETRO READ: Are Birkin bags really a better investment than stocks and gold? One company is actively testing that theory. The notion that Birkin bags are an investment that is just as attractive as – or possibly, even more attractive than – conventional financial vehicles is not exactly a novel one. In fact, the Rally offering comes four years after Baghunter, an online retailer for luxury handbags, garnered headlines when it made a striking proclamation: Hermès Birkin handbags are a better investment – on an annualized basis – than gold and the stocks in the S&P 500 index. – Read More on TFL

3. What’s in a Name? NFL Team’s Decision Should Make Us Ask. Naming power can be illusory in another way. Even the largest private entity can run into insurmountable barriers to its naming efforts. For example, when Standard Oil dominated the sale of gasoline in the U.S., court rulings prevented the company from consolidating its brands nationwide under the single trademark ESSO. – Read More on Bloomberg

4. Avon reports big surge in UK sign-ups to be cosmetics sellers: The company, which boasts 5 million “reps” across the globe, who sell products to people in their homes, said it had seen a 114 percent “surge” in the number of new representatives joining its UK business since lockdown began. – Read More on the Guardian

5. America Went Shopping For Clothes Again in June: Retail sales jumped 7.5 percent in June, giving stores and restaurants a boost, and spending on clothing doubled. Compared to May 2020, sales in clothing and accessories stores were up in June by 105.1 percent. But that came before a new surge in coronavirus cases prompted renewed shutdowns in several states. – Read More on NPR

6. The End of the Trans-Atlantic Tariff Truce: With the room for tax compromises between Washington and Brussels shrinking, investors in marquee European companies need to start worrying about tariffs again. The European Union is intensifying its long-running crackdown on U.S. tech giants. That increases the risk that an uneasy trans-Atlantic tax truce could soon come to an end. Investors may be wise to brace for a hit. – Read More on WSJ