1. Rent The Runway CEO Jennifer Hyman Thinks Fashion Rental is Inflation-Proof: “We have gone far beyond renting clothing for special occasions. [Customers are] now using us for everyday life, renting clothes to wear to work, nighttime occasions, or just to wear around the neighborhood.” – Read More on the Verge

2. Amazon’s retail business is ‘out of fashion now,’ analyst says: “I do think it’s going to take before the [e-commerce] business really finds its footing again. I think the consumer spend is away from where Amazon’s core is, but I think it’s going to come back over time and they’ll return to growth and better margins.” – Read More on Yahoo

3. Fashion brands from Zara to H&M urged to make ‘responsible exit’ from Myanmar: The Business & Human Rights Resource Centre, an international NGO that tracks the human rights impacts of companies, released a study that revealed “widespread and systemic abuse in international brands’ supply chains.” – Read More on SCMP

4. Shopify stock sinks amid layoff plan as CEO admits, “I got this wrong.” Now, Shopify sees that the mix of e-commerce spending is getting back to about where it would have been expected using pre-COVID projections. “It’s now clear that bet didn’t pay off.” – Read More on MarketWatch

5. Fashion Industry Efforts to Verify Sustainability Make ‘Greenwashing’ Easier: The factories, mills and other industrial facilities that produce the raw materials, fibers, and finished apparel sold by leading fashion brands account for the vast majority of the industry’s greenhouse gas emissions. – Read More on Inside Climate News