1. Russian minister says ‘parallel imports’ scheme is working: Russia has included a wide range of products from foreign carmakers, technology companies and consumer brands in the parallel imports scheme, aimed at shielding consumers from business isolation by the West after regular imports slumped due to sanctions and logistics disruptions. – Read More on Reuters

2. China’s Fast-Fashion Giant Shein Faces Dozens of Lawsuits Alleging Design Theft: Shein or its Hong Kong-based parent company, Zoetop Business Co., has been named in the past three years as a defendant in at least 50 federal lawsuits in the U.S. alleging trademark or copyright infringement. – Read More on the WSJ

3. RETRO READ: From Dr Martens to Ralph Lauren, Lawsuits Are Starting to Build for Ultra-Fast Fashion Brand Shein. Beyond its sheer size and ever-growing popularity, Shein is a sticking point for brands because of how “quickly [it can] turn emerging fashion trends into extremely cheap products” thanks, in large part, to its use of data analytics. – Read More on TFL

4. Crypto Downturn Hits Luxury Goods as Buyers Become More Cautious. The broader secondhand luxury market has held strong, although it is susceptible to some of the same market forces watches have faced. – Read More on PYMNTS

5. How FOMO Drove the Economy: It’s fast becoming clear that crypto was just another collectible pumped up by the same forces inflating the market for Yeezys and Birkins — a lot of money sloshing around the world, not a lot of obvious places to put it, and a fear of missing out. – Read More on the New York Times