1. Software Giants Partner to Deliver Next-Level Digital Fashion Sampling:  Physical prototypes can be replaced with digital ones, without loss of garment accuracy and integrity in the final physical product. This eliminated physical print iterations for dozens of U.S. and European brands manufacturing in Eastern Asia who are battling with Covid-19 challenges. – Read More on Forbes

2. At Etsy, Come for the Face Masks, Stay for the Growth Potential: Face masks have helped catapult Etsy’s sales to new highs (Etsy sold 12 million masks in April—17% of total gross market sales for the month), which could be sustained much longer than Wall Street has forecast. It also could be an attractive customer acquisition tool to sell consumers millions of items they didn’t even know they needed until they happened upon them. – Read More on WSJ

3. Diesel CEO Seeks to Revive 90s Success With Slimmed Down Brand: Massimo Piombini, who took over the CEO at Diesel in late January, wants to close stores, raise prices and expand in sneakers to turn around a denim brand that had its heyday in the 1990s. In recent years, the brand has become more of a mass-market brand and lost its upmarket position. It has also struggled to partake in the rapid growth of casual, athletic-wear, such as yoga pants. – Read More on Bloomberg

4. Micro-Experiences Are the Next Big Thing in Customer Engagement: Brick-and-mortar brands from Canada Goose to Drybar are offering consumers new ways to interact with products and services, adding experiences scaled small enough to be offered in multiple locations. – Read More on CO

5. Buy now, pay whenever? Lockdown lift for online shopping loans: Afterpay is among a handful of alternative credit firms which offer small loans, mostly to online shoppers, and make their money by charging merchants a 4 – 6 percent commission. These buy-now-pay-later firms have benefited from a shift to online shopping during the coronavirus crisis. – Read More on Reuters