1. Kering Looks to Saint Laurent to Reduce Reliance on Gucci: To increase sales at Saint Laurent, Kering’s second-largest brand, the company told investors it would roll out new stores, especially in the U.S., to help the label reach new customers. Globally, the brand will increase its number of stores. – Read More on the WSJ

2. Global Luxury Sales Expected to Recover as Shanghai Ends Lockdown: A reported 90% of stores and restaurants have resumed operations as of last Wednesday, which is very good news for global luxury sales in particular. – Read More on Forbes

3. Retail CFOs Face Forecasting Challenges as Inventory Hurdles Persist: Longer lead times from suppliers, which have required companies to order several months earlier than usual, also have made it harder for retailers to control their inventory within a quarter. – Read More on the WSJ

4. Which luxury brands have entered the metaverse? Luxury brands are determined not to be left behind by the latest online developments, despite the challenges that technologies such as cryptocurrency, NFTs and the metaverse present to a sector that’s focused on preserving its heritage and protecting its image. – Read More on Raconteur

5. BofA Picks Top Luxury Stocks: “LVMH has the second largest share in luxury jewelry, thanks to its acquisition of Tiffany,” the analysts said. “Favorable wealth dynamics globally (i.e. accumulation of wealth for high-end consumers and expansion of the middle class via emerging-markets and China) will directly benefit LVMH as a market leader.” – Read More on the Street