Image: Gucci

1. Your Brand Has Never Been Easier to Destroy: Whereas hatejacking poses an acute reputational threat, brands also risk slow-burn displacement when adopted by the “wrong class” of mainstream consumer. The posterchild for such déclasséfication is the British fashion label Burberry which, in the early 2000s, found its trademark check overwhelmed by fakes and overtaken by “chavs.” – Read More on Bloomberg

2. RETRO READ: Unwanted Associations – Protecting Brand Reputation and GoodwillFred Perry’s decision to pull the shirts co-opted by Proud Boys from sale in the U.S. speaks volumes about the challenges facing brands in the online world, including the threat to brand reputations. After all, there is a real risk of damage to brand equity following association with consumers that do not share the same principles or ethos. – Read More on TFL

3. Fashion collaborations drive the metaverse: Meet Rook Vanguard, the Roblox creator behind the Gucci Garden. Like many artists and digital fashion designers, Vanguard thinks fashion and art are primed for virtual augmentation. “I imagine putting on a pair of AR glasses and being amused by seeing someone’s animated graphic t-shirt, and then again by someone else with hummingbirds dancing rhythmically around them.” – Read More on Forbes

4. Despite mostly being known for their capacity as works of art, NFTs could also add value to everyday items. Essentially digital certificates of authenticity powered by blockchain technology, NFTs could also serve this purpose for retail goods. – Read More on Yahoo

5. Top US companies pledge to cut emissions, but most don’t push for climate action: Although 50 of the largest 96 corporations in the U.S. now publicly support the Paris Agreement on climate change, only 40% of those 50 companies have actively been lobbying lawmakers on the importance of science-based climate policies over the past five years, a new analysis by Ceres found. – Read More on S&P Global