1. Shein’s $15 million pledge won’t stop the flow of fashion waste to Ghana: Each week, an estimated 15 million secondhand garments arrive in Ghana from Europe and North America, lumped together in bales that resellers then sort through en masse. – Read More on Quartz

2. Inflation Cuts Online Fashion Down to Size: Bricks-and-mortar brands have a better shot at keeping costs under control, especially as retail rents are falling. For the first time in years, stores look fashionable. – Read More on the WSJ

3. China’s Lockdowns Have Hurt Nike and Adidas. Why Things Could Be Improving: Although “the May results still represent a hefty decline, we are optimistic regarding further improvement in June since Shanghai (which is ~10%+ of China overall sales for some) started lifting restrictions at the start of June.” – Read More on Barron’s

4. The $2 Trillion Crypto Markets’ Impact on the High-End Luxury Goods Industry: As consumers build up more wealth through the trade and purchase of digital assets, there will come a point in time when their need to utilize these coins will be more important than trading them on the decentralized market. – Read More on Yahoo

5. How Fashion Giants Recast Plastic as Good for the Planet: The Higg Index strongly favors synthetic materials made from fossil fuels over natural ones like cotton, wool or leather. Now, those ratings are coming under fire from independent experts. – Read More on the New York Times