Image: Gap

1. How Ecosystems Can Help the Fashion Sector Gain Competitive Agility in the New Normal: The role of fashion institutions would be fundamental for the future revamp of each national industry. These would include refreshing policies and regulations, supporting SMEs in planning contingency and managing risks, offering employees and workers protection, etc. – Read More on Entrepreneur

2. The fashion industry is ignoring over 50s at its peril: “Fashion finally has become kinder to women of all shapes and sizes, and new data shows older women have more spending power than ever – so why aren’t brands catching up? – Read More on the Telegraph

3. Israel Has Become the 1st Country to Ban the Sale of Most Fur Clothing: The Israeli government has banned the sale of fur in the fashion industry, becoming the first country to outlaw the controversial clothing material that opponents say leads to the slaughter of millions of animals each year. – Read More on NPR

4. RETRO READ: Fashion or Faux Pas? The Conversation About Fur Has Become Far More Nuanced. “Fashion companies can save a lot of money and increase their profit margins by making faux fur coats and selling them at a similar price to real fur coats. The motivation is money, not altruism.” – Read More on TFL

5. Gap’s stores are closing – Can Kanye West turn its fortunes around? Analysts have blamed Gap’s mega slump on its generic clothing and a failure to capitalize on the growing demand for its mainstay of casual wear – even in a year when almost everyone was wearing jogging bottoms and a hoodie. The brand has also been tarnished by its reliance on discounts to pull in shoppers. – Read More on the Guardian

6. Amazon Faces Possible $425 Million EU Privacy Fine: A European Union privacy regulator has proposed a fine of more than $425 million against Inc.,  part of a process that could yield the biggest-yet penalty under the bloc’s privacy law, people familiar with the matter said. – Read More on the WSJ