1. America’s Top Fast-Fashion Retailer Tries to Shed Its Chinese Image: With significant operations in China and a heavy reliance on sales in the U.S., Shein has a delicate balancing act to perform, navigating geopolitical tensions between China and the U.S. while following an international approach to corporate governance. – Read More on the WSJ

2. Congress Targets One of Gen Z’s Favorite Fashion Retailers: In a report released Thursday, the committee said Shein and Temu, a rapidly-growing Chinese online megastore, built their empires by relying “heavily” on the “de minimis” loophole, which critics argue gives foreign e-commerce companies an unfair advantage. – Read More on Newsweek

3. Lidl can have injunction to stop Tesco infringing trademark, London court rules. German-owned discount supermarket Lidl can have an injunction to stop rival Tesco copying its logo, London’s High Court has ruled, despite hearing it will cost Tesco nearly $10.2M to remove them all. – Read More on Reuters

4. Today’s AI models flunk EU’s draft rules, study finds: While leading AI companies have expressed openness to regulation, they don’t come close to following the first democratic rules for AI foundation models, drafted by EU officials and lawmakers, the study finds. – Read More on Axios

5. Judge sanctions lawyers for brief written by A.I. with fake citations: In addition to each paying a $5,000 fine, the attorneys, Peter LoDuca and Steven Schwartz, and their Levidow law firm, were ordered Thursday to notify each judge falsely identified as the author of the bogus case rulings about the sanction. – Read More on CNBC

6. The Problem With Fashion’s Sustainability Push: It Doesn’t Make Much Money. More than 100 apparel retailers introduced resale platforms within the past two years. But consumer acceptance has so far been minimal. – Read More on Bloomberg