Image: Unsplash

1. Total e-commerce sales during Amazon Prime Day surpass $11 billion, Adobe says: Total online retail sales in the United States during Prime Day were 6.1% higher than transactions generated by the 2020 event, according to Adobe Analytics. Online retail sales amounted to $5.6 billion on Monday and $5.4 billion on day two. – Read More on CNBC

2. Who Counterfeits the Counterfeiters? What the real big takeaway form Louis Vuitton’s new Nike sneakers is that no matter what your take on this collaboration is, collectively it is a big win for how far streetwear has come in terms of driving the zeitgeist. But it is also nice to see some shine being given to the original fakes. – Read More on Hidden Rsrch

3. Victoria Beckham cuts dress prices to ‘future-proof’ fashion brand: Victoria Beckham is reducing the average selling price of her dresses by almost 40% by switching to simpler silhouettes and fewer embellished fabrics, in a move that points to how the fashion industry may adapt to the disruptions to lifestyle and budget caused by the pandemic. – Read More on the Guardian

4. Retail’s evolution depends on edge computing: Today’s shoppers have become accustomed to Amazon-like e-commerce experiences and are demanding more from the brick-and-mortar stores they frequent. Edge computing is becoming a must-have. – Read More on MIT Tech Review

5. These charts show why Victoria’s Secret fired its angels — and why that might have been a mistake: after years of scandals, allegations of misconduct, and generally, the waning appeal of its stuffy, boardroom-invented fantasy of  sexuality, Victoria’s Secret’s mea culpa rebrand was only a matter of time. – Read More on the Business of Business

6. Apple banks on physical stores as economies reopen: As the retail industry works out what the post-pandemic future will look like, including for consumers who have become used to ordering almost everything online, Apple is focusing both on what helped it through the pandemic, and doubling down on its pre-pandemic strategy of in-store events and experiences beyond shopping. – Read More on Reuters