1. “Taco Tuesday” owners fire back after Taco Bell’s trademark challenge. Fast-food chain Taco John’s and New Jersey-based Gregory’s Restaurant & Bar urged the U.S. Trademark Office on Friday to reject petitions by Taco Bell YUM.N to cancel their federal trademarks covering the phrase “Taco Tuesday.” – Read More on Nasdaq

2. Junk websites filled with AI-generated text are pulling in money from programmatic ads. Over 140 major brands are paying for ads that end up on unreliable AI-written sites, likely without their knowledge. – Read More on MIT Tech Review

3. US Ambassador: China Aims to Steal Intellectual Property About AI. Nathaniel Fick, ambassador at large for cyberspace and digital policy, said at a Hudson Institute forum that China built wireless networks and become globally competitive by way of cybertheft, and the country aims to do the same in AI, cloud computing and other strategic technologies. – Read More on PYMNTS 

4. Supreme Court rejects Genius lawsuit claiming Google stole song lyrics. The song lyrics website Genius’ allegations that Google “stole” its work in violation of a contract will not be heard by the US Supreme Court. The top US court denied Genius’ petition for certiorari, leaving in place lower-court rulings that went in Google’s favor. – Read More on Ars Technica

5. Disney Teddy Bear Case Offers Tricky Tryout of Trademark Test. The high court last week revived Diece-Lisa Industries Inc.’s lawsuit against Disney. That order came on the heels of its ruling in favor of Jack Daniel’s, which reined in a test that can provide an escape hatch from liability when a trademark is used in First Amendment-protected expressive works. – Read More on Bloomberg