1. Ukraine war: Russian fashion designers feel sanctions bite. Russia’s fashion designers are left wondering how they can stay in business without access to imported materials. As a result of the conflict, logistics are “10 times more expensive”, according to one designer. – Read More on BBC

2. Amazon’s Prime Day Isn’t Quite the Blockbuster It Once Was: Sales growth for the online shopping extravaganza has slowed and consumers aren’t purchasing orders as large as they once did. Also, Amazon doesn’t appear to be investing in the event as it has in the past. – Read More on the WSJ

3. Retailers Brace for Fresh Supply Chain Disruption from West Coast Ports: Nike CFO Matt Friend said while rampant inflation and COVID-related retail and manufacturing disruptions in Asia were factors in Q3, supply chain constraints were more impactful, noting that growth would have been higher if the company had had more available inventory to meet demand. – Read More on PYMNTS

4. Companies offering abortion travel benefits to U.S. workers: A growing number of companies, including JPMorgan Chase, Amazon, Tesla, and Walt Disney are rolling out policies to offer benefits to U.S. employees who may need to access abortion services. – Read More on Reuters

5. Retail-Branded BNPL Is Only a Matter of Time: Greater control over data processing—along with being able to better integrate the checkout experience—should spur additional retailers to launch their own branded BNPL offerings. – Read More on AdWeek