1. The growing push for size inclusivity in fashion faces some obstacles: The global plus-size women’s clothing market is expected to reach “a market value of over $264.4 billion in 2027, while the cumulative growth opportunity over the forecast period is $1570 billion.” – Read More on Marketplace

2. H&M flags more price hikes, profits boosted by fewer discounts: In the first half of the year, H&M raised prices in the face of higher transport and raw material costs. Management says continued price increases throughout the rest of the year are “likely.” – Read More on Reuters

3. Shein’s Rise Was Nearly Overnight. The Backlash Came Just as Fast: Social media has fueled Shein’s rise. It is one of the most popular brands to be featured in “haul videos” – wherein folks unbox huge ecommerce orders, pulling endless streams of skimpy garments out of individually wrapped plastic bags. – Read More on the WSJ

4. LVMH buys California wine giant Joseph Phelps as high-end drinks market soars: Moet Hennessy’s chief said the company had been looking around the world for larger winemakers that had the same dedication to quality, craftsmanship and entrepreneurship as LVMH. – Read More on CNBC

5. In search of fashion’s sustainability seekers: Companies create far more products than they can sell, and more than half of all global fiber produced is polyester, a material that requires a great deal of energy for extraction and processing and that lingers in the environment for a long time. – Read More on McKinsey

6. The fashion industry boosts its use of sustainable materials, but greenwashing remains: These recycling initiatives don’t do much to lessen fashion’s environmental footprint: In 2020, only 6.5% of recycled fibers were sourced from textile waste. – Read More on eMarketer