1. How China’s Shein became more valuable than H&M and Zara combined: “What Shein has done is, it has established a new norm. It is very fast, and the products are updated much more frequently and at a higher volume than any other fast fashion brand.” – Read More on CNBC

2. Zara owner Inditex set to benefit from higher prices: The Russia-Ukraine conflict and COVID-19 lockdowns in China have added to pressures. But Inditex, best-known for the fast-to-market Zara brand which provides 71% of its sales, has staged a faster recovery than most. – Read More on Reuters

3. Why Stores Are Vital to E-Commerce Resalers: An increase in sellers brings traffic and potential customers to a store, an advantage for partner retailers and brands that run their own resale programs. – Read More on Forbes

4. Drag Queens Traverse Trademark Law: Intellectual property law hasn’t always kept up, leaving some performers embroiled in copyright and trademark battles over their acts and stage names. – Read More on Bloomberg

5. Johnny Depp Fans Buy Dior Cologne to Show Support: Dior’s decision to stick by Mr. Depp may pay off. According to online sales rankings, its Sauvage fragrance is currently the best-selling men’s cologne on both and—two of the internet’s largest beauty retailers. – Read More on the WSJ

6. Walmart is using its thousands of stores to battle Amazon for e-commerce market share: Walmart is using its stores as launch pads for delivery drones and departure locations for direct-to-fridge drop-offs, and it will soon start packing and shipping third-party sellers’ goods from stores. – Read More on CNBC