Image: Asos

1. Online clothes shopping has one big problem: returns. Farfetch, Asos, Yoox and Shopify are increasingly using technology to ensure online shoppers buy clothes that fit at the first time, as “the category that most retailers consistently have the highest return rates for is women’s fashion apparel and that’s mainly due to sizing issues.” – Read More on SCMP

2. Love them or hate them, Crocs are back: Sales have surged during the pandemic and the brand’s signature foam clog is turning up everywhere.” – Read More on the Washington Post

3. ‘Cruella’ Designer Snubbed Over Licensing, Costume Designers Guild Decries Unfair Practices. “Historically, this is a huge issue for our membership, and for all costume designers,” says CDG communications director Anna Wyckoff. “Because, as everyone knows, a costume has a long life after the project — in merchandising and toys and Halloween costumes. So, there are many opportunities for the costumes to be used in an ancillary marketing fashion.” – Read More on Variety

4. If you care about fashion ethics, it’s time to start paying attention to Amazon warehouses: Amazon is “the largest online clothing retailer” in the United States and the behemoth corporation is a precedent-setter for the future of retail. “Amazon plays a much larger role in the world of fashion than we tend to think.” – Read More on Fashionista

5. DC’s antitrust suit against Amazon will rely on high burden of proof: The District of Columbia claimed Inc. engaged in anticompetitive conduct, but analysts believe courts will require a rigorous standard of proof for the case in the absence of any U.S. precedent on the matter. – Read More on S&P Global