1. Amazon’s online luxury fashion stores open in Europe after US success: Amazon’s competitive advantage is its access to data. “Amazon will have enough logistics and insights to make sure that when you click on a brand, Amazon comes knocking first.” – Read More on the Guardian

2. Global Luxury Market—How Will Regional Composition Change in the Next Three Years? While the US has historically been the single largest market for luxury, China looks poised to usurp its top position by 2025, by which time we estimate its market share will total 25%. Meanwhile, the US will see its share decrease to 23%. – Read More on Coresight

3. H&M, Lululemon back $250 million Fashion Climate Fund to decarbonize supply chain: While many of the world’s leading companies have committed to reaching net-zero emissions across their businesses by mid-century and to halving emissions by 2030, many large barriers remain. – Read More on Reuters

4. Fast fashion sales take off despite sustainability concerns: “You think about all the studies that we’ve heard about younger people are more conscious of what they wear. Shein is a direct counter to that.” – Read More on Yahoo

5. Inditex’s Profitability Hits 10-Year High on Zara Price Hikes: Inditex In reported its highest profitability in a decade as the Zara owner offset inflation with tight cost control and kept attracting shoppers even as prices rose. – Read More on Bloomberg