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1. Chinese Cosmetic Brands See Rally Despite Global Beauty Downturn: Low-cost, online-savvy local beauty brands in China – like Proya – have seen their shares rally as investors spy an opportunity for the home-grown outfits to take market share amid the crisis. But … as consumers regain confidence and see incomes grow again after the pandemic passes, the pre-crisis trend of consumers upgrading to premium, higher-quality products sold by foreign brands may return. – Read More on Bloomberg

2. 3M Files Lawsuit Against Merchant Selling Masks on Amazon for 18 Times List Price: In a lawsuit filed Monday in federal court in California, 3M said Mao Yu and his affiliated companies sold what he described as 3M masks for an average price of $23.21 each on Amazon. Mr. Yu charged customers over $350,000 in total, 3M and Amazon said. – Read More on WSJ

3.RETRO READ: Can – and Should – Brands Successfully Sue Retailers, Resellers Over Price-Gouged Products During COVID-19? 3M likely does not want to look like it is jacking up the prices of its products during a global health pandemic when it is not, making the lawsuits some of the latest examples of brands trying to control how even their authentic products are sold in the market.  – Read More on TFL

4. Amazon’s sales surge is the ‘new normal’ and will lead to revenue topping estimates: Amazon’s surge in demand during the coronavirus crisis positions the e-commerce giant to top Wall Street’s sales estimates for the second quarter, according to Deutsche Bank. The firm hosted an e-commerce panel that concluded that Amazon’s strength is here to stay, with its revenues only expected to increase ever further. – Read More on CNBC

5. Virtual Dresses and Augmented Fashion are a Profitable, New Frontier for Brands: The pandemic is changing not only consumer behavior but also changing how brands think about their roadmap. It is also bringing about new opportunities for forward-thinking brands to take a peek at the future of fashion. A future that could be a very profitable one if they understand that trends that are merging as our physical and digital lives collide even further. – Read More on Forbes