1. Fast-Fashion Giant Shein Faces South Africa Probe Over Import Practices: South Africa’s government said Monday that it is investigating fast-fashion company Shein after complaints from the local textile union and industry association that it may be exploiting tax loopholes to gain an unfair advantage in Africa’s most developed economy. – Read More on the WSJ

2. How the pandemic has changed the Swedish fashion industry: Social sustainability in the clothing industry used to be mainly about production and the working conditions of those working in the supply chain, but since the pandemic, the concept has expanded to include customers and staff. – Read More on

3. Core of Guangzhou’s textile industry is being ripped apart: The market is a resource for the domestic and international clothing industry, and notably underscored the success of businesses like Shein. But local governments face an arduous task in handling such mature and specialized wholesale markets and their surrounding industrial chains. – Read More on Nikkei

4. Why luxury fashion brands are embracing second-hand sales: beyond sustainability, they want to take control of the preloved market. Developing an internal resale platform has several advantages for brands. “They can retain control of their brand and pricing structure, and they can use the additional insights gained online to stay ahead of a fast-changing game.” – Read More on SCMP

5. Where’s Shaq? Legal filing alleges FTX-endorsing athletes dodging lawsuit service. Although these defendants are well-known public figures, tracking them down to physically serve them is a monumental task, especially when they and their counsel … have taken every step to make doing so as difficult as possible,” the lawyers wrote in the motion Thursday. – Read More on the Athletic

6. Modern Retail Research: 73% of brands say they don’t buy into web3. When asked to select whether the metaverse, VR, NFTs, blockchain, cryptocurrency or “other,” will have the biggest impact on their business, 73% of respondents chose a seventh option: “none of the above.” – Read More on Modern Retail